Yarn & Clothing.

After mucho grumbling I planted myself down and packed my bags:


  • Pants: 2 dress(ish), 2 jeans
  • Skirts: 1 dressy (eh), 2 regular
  • Shorts: 1 regular, 4 athletic
  • Blouses: 4
  • T-Shirts: 7
  • Sweater: 1
  • Bras: 5 regular, 4 athletic
  • Undershirts/Cami: 5
  • Half slip: 1
  • Socks & Underwear for 2 weeks


  • Tom-toms
  • Keen “ballet” flats (40% discount to PCVs!)
  • Tossable dress flats
  • Sandals
  • Running Shoes


  • Computer
  • Camera (extra batteries and SD chips)
  • Kindle (loaded with books, extra charger cord, hefty case)
  • Solar-power charger/lantern
  • Possibly 2 Nokia phones (already have ’em and they’re unlocked)
  • 2 sets of headphones (extra ear cups)
  • 2 Pin sticks

Camping Gear:

  • Flashlights (1 small keychain LED, 1 hand-crank)
  • 2 pocketknives
  • Camping towel
  • Travel sheet


  • General Toiletries (including rasors, extra deodorant, basic makeup, bonus sunscreen)
  • Craft supplies: drop spindle, nostepinne, needles, some sweet alpaca sock-weight yarn! (yay hoarding!)
  • Mementos: photo album, world map, travel-size shisas
  • Games: BANANAGRAMS!!!, cards
  • Sketch pad, sharpies, duct tape, sewing kits, etc!
  • Purse, travelers pouch

The list reads like I’m going to be camping while knitting and running to an office but…I will be! It fits into a suitcase and large backpack. Hopefully my luggage makes it to Namibia with me otherwise someone’s goat’s getting shaved! (And I do mean literally, I will shave many things to replace the yarn!) I plan on buying 30 muumuus when I hit Windhoek. You know, one for daytime, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, going to the shower, chasing down wild animals, riding elephants, running a footrace, walking for water, wandering to find my house/horse/pit latrine, etc.

Wish me luck! Haisai!



Alright, ladies and gents! I’m about a week out from heading to D.C. to see my big sister and eat some decent sushi! So that means I probably won’t remember to post  anything for another month! Here’s my address (which you can also find under the “Contact” tab to the left!):

Elizabeth Hunziker, PCV

US Peace Corps/Namibia
19 Nachtigal Street
Windhoek, Namibia

You’ll want to mark it “Airmail” and probably put it in an ugly/uninteresting (padded) envelope. Everything gets opened and items tend to get lost. My sister once had a single sock taken!

I’ll put together a list of what I’m packing in a couple of days. The world’s largest trade day is happening in Canton, Texas so I’ve pulled out the dolly and saved a $20 to ride a motorized wheelchair! I’ve been informed that it’s the place to pick up a hat. Think of the rattiest, pinkest, most blinged-out mass of straw that you can image…and add about twenty more rhinestones. Maybe a built-in fan. Solar-powered, AC adaptable cooling system. You laugh now, but Texas goes big and then goes home to chicken-fried steak and sweet tea.

Besides, I can use it to promote an interesting image of Americans around the world!

Stay classy! ❤