Still kickin’ it!

I’m alive and kicking (sorry to disappoint). AND there’s yarn here! WHOOT WHOOT! I’ve moved myself into the fantastic town of Mariental located in the southern-ish part of the country. We’re the ostrich capital of Namibia! I’m totally going to hunt one down and go on a Swiss Family Robinson-style ride!


Note: Africa gets bone-chilling cold. I’ve already had pairs of wool socks and fleeces sent to me. Who’d a thunk? It’s not too bad, especially compared to this past Seattle winter, but I’ve managed to develop poor(er) circulation in my appendages.


Best note of all…MARIENTAL HAS SHEEP! Which means some lovely little lambs are gonna mysteriously develop a condition where the hair follicles break over night resulting in massive amounts of hair loss… and I may just mysteriously get some nice fleeces to spin…


Okay, back to work. I’m connected with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. They have a regional office, a hospital AND a clinic in town. I’ll hopefully be working with teaching ANC classes and throwing some dirt around in a garden. TB and HIV+ patients on medications need a balanced diet to have the most effective treatment. This is where I can step in a teach small gardening classes and help build a community garden. We’re still EARLY EARLY on in the whole process (only been here a month) but life is movin’!


Send me letters and love!


❤ Izzy