And the fingers twitch.

I’ve always had a dirt brown thumb. Ask anyone. I’ve killed off any plant from aloe vera to a bamboo shoot. Trust me. My best year involved a cactus.

But HERE is my final piece of glory. My back patio is pretty plant-unfriendly. Lots of brick and lack of dirt. But my craft heart still beats so I started hoarding eggs. Okay, speeding ahead before you send me to the asylum. Knocking just the tip off eggs gives the perfect calcium-rich and fiscally sound transplant trays. You just fill each shell with a little dirt and store back on the carton.

I transferred the beauties over once the baby spinach started to sprout and lined ’em up all nice and pretty. Above you can see a comparison “tray” that I’ve made out of cut up water bottles. We looking how the spinach grows with eggshell transplant vs direct planting. I’m not going to say it was for nothing, but about 5 days later the Hitchcock birds living in the rafters of my building snatched each sprout away. Don’t worry. I’ve already decided to build a very elaborate scarecrow/hire a small boy to guard the greens. 🙂

On a completely different but still whole crazy note: here’s my new obsession. Plastic bag upcyclement. You take the grocery sack and cut it into circles (see the white bit in the bowl?). Link ’em all together and stitch around with you working colour. Alternate wrapping with stitching in the row below. There are plenty more blogs out there that give much more descriptive (and less convoluted) blow-by-blows on this. I’m just too frantic about leaving the weaving unattended. I just keep going with this. I’m actually running low on plastic bags (after pooling resources with other volunteers)!

It’s a great project and I hope to incorporate it with a girls’ club at one of the local schools. Cheap and easy. All you need to purchase are the needles and just have your learners start hoarding…

Oh yeah. My real job. I’ve started the ball rolling on too many projects! I have a breast cancer awareness/screening event in the community (pending Ministry of Health approval), an antenatal care analysis project (hopefully traveling to nearby Aranos to visit another AWESOME volunteer and look at statistic woes), a HIV/AIDS awareness club at a local combined school, career informational sessions at the local Teaching Resource Center (TRC) and (hopefully) a reading/literacy club at the library.

I guess it’s not too bad once you skip past the “planning” stage. I still have (now several) gardens in the works but there’s so much red tape I’ve set them off my official list of projects for now. I’ve settled into my flat and am enjoying getting recognized on the streets. The bakery lady has my order memorized and I plan on living off creme-filled elephant rolls. You know, fluffy goodness made from puff pastry dipped in sugar and rolled like a heart? Yup. She then fills them with creme and dips the ends in chocolate. I’ve literally developed food coma so fast I didn’t have time to lay down.