Pink Elephants and Panicking Panthers

I like to hoard things. Small scraps of fabric, pieces of paper…all plastic containers. For the most part my stash comes in handy.You never know when you’ll need to make a scoop out of a milk jug or patch a pair of jeans. But my current craving is postcards and yarn. I LOVE receiving mail. Postcards, letters, emails. BOXES. Everything piece is glorious and I enjoy going over things again…and again. Below is the wonderful collection of postcards that I’ve already collected since living in Namibia.

Wall Postcards

Don’t see one from you?? WELL, SEND ANOTHER! 😉

Lost in the Mail Package Label

My mom mailed my Christmas package many a month ago and here it is, middle-late January. It did a slight detour to Bermuda…and Cairo. But it came extra wrapped in awesome packaging slathered with arabic and fun. I kept the tags (of course). In fact, if you’d like to send presents…here’s a list of things I do happy dances to receive:


Light Items (Pay per Weight boxes and to fill small crevices!)

  • liquid or powder water flavoring (like peach tea!)
  • seaweed sheets
  • CANDY (I highly recommend things that don’t melt…so…gummy jolly ranchers)
  • photos (printed) are always nice
  • DVDs (especially old ones from the library sales)
  • Seasoning packets (Szechwan chicken, General Tsao’s chicken any asian flavoring, gumbo mix, Ranch dressing)
  • thin rice noodles (vermicelli)
  • Dark chocolate always welcome!
  • Super fine pens (Pigma Micron pens (blue, black, brown) and maybe some nice drawing paper? 🙂

Heavy Items (so only if you’re getting fancy and sending flat rate or love me enough for the postage):

  • M&Ms (pretzel or peanut!)
  • Gigantic bags from Halloween…shoot, did I miss the window?
  • Dried soba noodles/ramen packets
  • Japanese Curry bricks
  • New York Times Crossword puzzle books!!!!! (I’m on to the last 3 puzzles in my “Tame” edition)


But when all things are stamped and sent…I mean SAID and DONE, I love me some postcards. Feel free to add to the wall. I need some pretty pictures of your faces and towns.

My other obsession (well, that we’re discussing) is the yarn. Glorious, delicious, beautiful yarn. I’ve learned to manage without my blocking pads, pins or even the correct size needles. You just take whatcha get. Here’s my ghetto blocking.

Ghetto Blocking Blue Shawl

It’s a slew of needles in my spare mattress. The plastic covering on the mattress is horrible to sleep on in the heat but perfect for drying damp yarn! I’m afraid no pattern + incorrect needles resulted in over-blocking and a sadly scrunched up shawl. Maybe round two will work out nicer.

Blue Shawl Close  up

But we can’t be too demanding. This IS only PoshCorps. Last photo: a few of the attendees for the Practicial Skills (aka CRAFTING!) Workshop that I facilitated with another volunteer in the north.

Craft Workshop

We even made a piñata for the office party! It was pretty snazzy.





One thought on “Pink Elephants and Panicking Panthers”

  1. Look for a package with a “shades of pink” theme. By chance, includes a few items off the most-wanted list. Next time I’d love to see pictures taken around Mariental.

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