For the Mama

Since I have been informed, razzed, ranted on and shamed at my lack of “Africa” posting…here’s a small one for the Mama-San.

A day in my life is pretty…well, boring. I have a few clubs, a few meets, a meeting, a running-through-the-store (hoping meal-matching items will jump into the cart). I’m pretty sure I’ve broken my schedule down before but reading through my five previous posts is too depressing.

I usually try to get in a bit of “face time” at the clinic or have meetings with different groups (Ministry of Ed, Catholic AIDS Action, etc.), homework help/university application help at the TRC, Literacy club at the library and dance class with the ladies from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. Once a week I add on the after school club with my 8th grade learners.

Since school is just starting back up things are insanely slow. Kids don’t want to go to class, and hate to stay even later just to hear about picking out careers. But I’ve been filling my time up with different (and hopefully more interactive) topics. Like rights of a youth in Namibia. Plenty of kids are unsure what is required of them, their schools, the government or their parents. It’ll be nice to lay down the law (literally) and see where there’s confusion, what things they worry about and how I can help connect them with any resources they need.

I’m also hoping to expand the club with my counterpart to include 9th grade and reach out to some of the learners at the high school. It’s nice to offer kids things to do on weekends…and who doesn’t want to watch me attempt Zumba!? The TRC staff is amazing and completely interested in supporting learners in developing study skills and reading ability. I have all fingers and toes crossed that we can gather some learners together and get a schedule down.

But to add photos to this thing…


On the Road to Luderitz (Kolmanskop) This would be a delightfully creepy house at Kolmaskop. It’s a tiny abandoned mining town that’s been featured all over National Geographic. I didn’t have a permit, so no visiting. But this was taken during my Christmas sojourn into the wilds of Luderitz (a wonderfully developed coastal town with plenty of cafes and cheese).

Ms. Kayec 2012


A few of the boys (yup) stole the Ms. Kayec contestants’ outfits and dressed up during the lock-in. I was a judge for the event and lemme tell you, those kids got strut.

Stone Town Rooftops

From the rooftop of our rented house on Zanzibar. Amazing sunsets, gorgeous sunrises and AIR CONDITIONING.

Spice Tour Vanilla Beans
So this is what organic vanilla beans look like…hmm. I’d rather buy that disgusting bottle of artificial flavouring. Mainly ‘cuz money wasn’t meant to be spent on one ingredient but rather the whole dish. And boy do I shell out money for food.


Okay. Hope that was enough photos for you, mama. I’ll try to be better at blogging, especially when activities pick back up and I’m flooded with photo ops.

But you know me. I forget the camera every day of my blessed life. šŸ™‚ Miss everyone (and Sonic Slurpees!)



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