Alright, This week’s been pretty good. I got so much done. It’s difficult to make things happen after a long break. I’ve had meeting after meeting all week long. Truly wonderful to feel so busy! I’ve helped getting the ball rolling on a few projects:

  • Restarting the after school boys’ and girls’ club at a local combined school
  • Career Guidance at the local TRC
  • Fitness classes with different ministry employees
  • So. Many. More.

My legs are honestly numb from all of the running around. And not even my sunbrella (an umbrella reserved for the exclusive purpose of fighting the mind-boggling hot sun) nor sunscreen could prevent my feet from getting a nice burn in the shape of my sandals. Oh, classy tans. I have you all over.

But hopefully all of these meetings and sessions and “accidental” run-ins (I may or may not follow people into small and confining break rooms) will come to fruition. I have also giving some career guidance classes with 10th graders. It was…interesting. You never know how well you’ll handle pressure until your given 45 minutes to prepare for 40 kids ages 15-20 years old. It went over extremely well. I ran out of time and they agreed to cut a little into their break to finish. Made me feel like I got them hooked. 🙂 Next time I’ll also bring my laundry to wash and shoes to shine!

I also tagged along with a social worker to another town. I didn’t contribute much at all to his sessions. Lots of family members plus translators equals one crowded room without adding me to the room. But the SW goes out again next week and I’ll try to get in on the counseling action. Luckily he has everything translated to English so I’m not left out of the aural loop!

In addition to working I finished the entire first season of Star Trek. The one with the man who doesn’t age…what’s his name…(wikipedia…) Patrick Stewart? Steward? I don’t know. But he’s taller than his hair and hasn’t aged since the Enterprise. Is kind of eerie.

Otherwise, that’s all I have to say for this week. Meetings may seem boring and not the blog-worthy event but without meetings you’d have no programs, no programs equals nothing to do but watch people in spandex prance through the universe. Which I whole-heartedly would enjoy doing but then leaving my flat for food would end up being a chore. And the moment food becomes a chore you have something seriously wrong with your life.

Commander out. Energize! (And for my parents and non-cool individuals, that was indeed a Star Trek reference.)