Ek is alive!

Howdy Dowdy!

As my mother’s voice shames me into posting this, I’d just like to say that I’m writing under no duress. Although she may threaten to not send any candies if I don’t get on some new posts! ❤

Well, since I haven’t blawged in several…months…plenty has happened! I love it when there’s more to share then how many black hairs I’ve pulled from my scalp. (FYI this neurotic behavior is entirely the fault of medication. I swear. Or my mother.)

Let’s see…I vacationed with the fam in TEXAS. Never lived there but my parents thought it would be fun to retire away from the children. So, I got to visit and chow down on some delicious chicken-fried steak. That food-filled 10 days gave me 6,5 lbs of extra padding for the trip back to Mariental. I immediately threw myself into my work (har har).

No. Seriously.

Co-workers thought it would be fun to have my second day back feature a male-engagement workshop (at which I gave 3 different lectures) and offer a speech up to an entire assembly of school kids. Originally the second was to be entirely in Afrikaans but I’m afraid my language skills are so poor (memes shush me because my accent is truly awful) that I conned a nurse into joining me. She translated and I smiled. Lent an air of respectability to the whole she-bang since Sr. Willa was dressed up in her blazing white uniform and looking quite smashing.

But now I’ve moved on to more TB campaigns, more literacy clubs with grade-school learners and hopefully an all-out epic dance class at the clinic AND hospital level. What can I say, Busy Izzy! ❤