Oh, Lordy, Izzy Mae!

First of all, there are too many options on WordPress. You can change all kinds of things. My internet is proud just to load html Gmail! But I did manage to get on and click things…only slightly regretting it.

Secondly, I believe Africa’s made me less funny. I blame my parents. And outrageous, trying-to-be-classy romance novels I devour like Theo’s Chocolate. They keep throwing all those elaborate GRE words at me. Despite it’s status as the national language, English is pretty exclusively a second-language here. Which means lovely words like svelte and arabesque get thrown by the waste side (or fly over heads). I feel like the bulk of my ridiculousness resides in my elaborate ramblings and erratic word choice. Oh, and my ability to lick my elbow.

BUT since the count down to return to AmurricaLand is at…144 days (who’s counting?) I’ve decided to practice my English. And by this I mean read more smut novels, listen to copious amounts of Sherlock Holmes audiobooks and attempt to cross-stitch epic quotes on throw pillows.

You know, the usual.

Actually, I am crashing through an insane amount of audiobooks. I recommend Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik. I can’t decided if I like it or not. But murder mystery + knitting? Wonderful.

And since it’s audio you can actually KNIT while LISTENING to someone READ about someone KNITTING. Slightly too abstract? How about Dead Aid by Dabisa Moyo?

Well, none of that matters because it’s FRIDAY and I have to run. I’ve been locked in too many times to try and work late.

HUGS, WORLD! (Aka My Mother.)