I lied!

Okay, sorry obsessive fans (read: Mother), I won’t be coming home in April. Gonna stay in Namibia and boogie it down until late May. Which means I’ll have celebrated THREE birthdays here. Crazy talk.

Guess that means I should start ordering my cake…which reminds me, absolutely EPIC cake for our COS (closure of service) conference.

Wha-boom. Be jealous. (also, call her up: Madam Awesome’s Baking Madness. She’s based in Windhoek and is super nice!)


Yeah…I was tons more motivated before I started this post. Now I’m just hungry for cake and popcorn. May have to do a run to the store and pick up something fabulous (ie. potatoes to make ROSEMARY CHIPS). So I’ll sign off now before I start rambling about the how I miss real dill pickles.

HUGS, YA’LL (read: MaMOOO!)