About & Contact

Name: Izzy

Mission: Craft the heck out of Namibia while under the guise of a Health Extension Peace Corps Volunteer.

About me: As a recent University of Washington graduate I decided to embark on a Husky tradition: serving with the Peace Corps. In March 2012, I will join the ranks of over 2,540 UW Alumni to work and live in developing countries around the world! Wish me luck and follow my adventure, Africalled!

Write to me! (You won’t!) and mark it “AIRMAIL” to avoid sea-shipping Titanic fiascoes!

Elizabeth Hunziker PCV
US Peace Corps/Namibia
PO Box 908
Mariental, Namibia

2 thoughts on “About & Contact”

  1. Hi Izzy! My name is Anastasia and I will be leaving the same date, for the same country, with the same assignment as you! I have been reading Peace Corps Journals like crazy and I stumbled upon yours! I would love to email or call you to have a back and forth about what your packing and expectation. My email address is [].


  2. How do I get to your blog entries? I assume you’re in country, doing something…..? Remember, I’m virtually tech ignorant…simple instructions, por favor.

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