Yarn & Clothing.

After mucho grumbling I planted myself down and packed my bags:


  • Pants: 2 dress(ish), 2 jeans
  • Skirts: 1 dressy (eh), 2 regular
  • Shorts: 1 regular, 4 athletic
  • Blouses: 4
  • T-Shirts: 7
  • Sweater: 1
  • Bras: 5 regular, 4 athletic
  • Undershirts/Cami: 5
  • Half slip: 1
  • Socks & Underwear for 2 weeks


  • Tom-toms
  • Keen “ballet” flats (40% discount to PCVs!)
  • Tossable dress flats
  • Sandals
  • Running Shoes


  • Computer
  • Camera (extra batteries and SD chips)
  • Kindle (loaded with books, extra charger cord, hefty case)
  • Solar-power charger/lantern
  • Possibly 2 Nokia phones (already have ’em and they’re unlocked)
  • 2 sets of headphones (extra ear cups)
  • 2 Pin sticks

Camping Gear:

  • Flashlights (1 small keychain LED, 1 hand-crank)
  • 2 pocketknives
  • Camping towel
  • Travel sheet


  • General Toiletries (including rasors, extra deodorant, basic makeup, bonus sunscreen)
  • Craft supplies: drop spindle, nostepinne, needles, some sweet alpaca sock-weight yarn! (yay hoarding!)
  • Mementos: photo album, world map, travel-size shisas
  • Games: BANANAGRAMS!!!, cards
  • Sketch pad, sharpies, duct tape, sewing kits, etc!
  • Purse, travelers pouch

The list reads like I’m going to be camping while knitting and running to an office but…I will be! It fits into a suitcase and large backpack. Hopefully my luggage makes it to Namibia with me otherwise someone’s goat’s getting shaved! (And I do mean literally, I will shave many things to replace the yarn!) I plan on buying 30 muumuus when I hit Windhoek. You know, one for daytime, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, going to the shower, chasing down wild animals, riding elephants, running a footrace, walking for water, wandering to find my house/horse/pit latrine, etc.

Wish me luck! Haisai!



Alright, ladies and gents! I’m about a week out from heading to D.C. to see my big sister and eat some decent sushi! So that means I probably won’t remember to post  anything for another month! Here’s my address (which you can also find under the “Contact” tab to the left!):

Elizabeth Hunziker, PCV

US Peace Corps/Namibia
19 Nachtigal Street
Windhoek, Namibia

You’ll want to mark it “Airmail” and probably put it in an ugly/uninteresting (padded) envelope. Everything gets opened and items tend to get lost. My sister once had a single sock taken!

I’ll put together a list of what I’m packing in a couple of days. The world’s largest trade day is happening in Canton, Texas so I’ve pulled out the dolly and saved a $20 to ride a motorized wheelchair! I’ve been informed that it’s the place to pick up a hat. Think of the rattiest, pinkest, most blinged-out mass of straw that you can image…and add about twenty more rhinestones. Maybe a built-in fan. Solar-powered, AC adaptable cooling system. You laugh now, but Texas goes big and then goes home to chicken-fried steak and sweet tea.

Besides, I can use it to promote an interesting image of Americans around the world!

Stay classy! ❤

All Aboard!

Every morning, after shoving my way to the back of the bus and throwing all my weight into an unforgiving seat, I look up. Plastered to the ceiling of each bus on my route to work is an advertisement for Peace Corps. After acknowledging it, I spend the rest of my commute wearing the smirky grin of a Cheshire cat.

I’m suitably impressed by the advertising team that PC employed. “Life is calling” has reverberated around my brain for the past few weeks. I’m starting to realize that Peace Corps isn’t going to be about the travel or the new cultures awaiting. It’s all about experiencing two years of Western Guilt, homesickness, multiple bouts of diarrhea and still kicking AIDS/HIV awareness butt.

When grad schools, employers and attractive blind dates ask, “Why you? What makes you the best choice?” You can answer: Because while others can do it, I’ve proven that I’ll still be doing it after two years of continual challenges on multiple fronts.

And then there’s also massive amounts of food that I plan on consuming. It was probably contributing factor numero dos. Luckily, I managed to hold back that response during the PC interviews!

Africalled… and I knitted my response.

This is the beginning of a bitter-sweet end. We start in Seattle, WA, where I have started the process of slowly culling out what of my meager possessions will be tossed, donated, stored, or brought with me to Namibia. Oh, did we mention the I’M GOING TO AFRICA part? Hmm. Must have been shoved out of my thoughts with the massive amounts of horror I’m experiencing having to abandon my yarn hoard.

Back to the start, I’m departing the second week of March to Windhoek, Namibia with Peace Corps. After completing three months of language, culture and “Don’t do bad things” training I’ll be assigned to a village for two years. I’ve been recruited as a Community Health and HIV/AIDS Health Extension Volunteer.

NOW we can talk yarn. I’ve given myself about 2-3 weeks before my service starts to pack my room, craft the heck out of my supplies, and donate what remains to charities and friends. I have a full closet and am emotionally attached to each skein and every yard. It’s going to be hard. I’ve already put a bag marked “donate” back into my closet. I’ll note all my completed stash-dispensing milestones. It’s gonna get crazy!

and izzy picked up.

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