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Well, Africa Home, not Home Home. ❤

Just got back from a whorl-wind adventure that included huts, a skull and a broken car. Yup, it was a typical Hunziker family holiday! The old and decrepit ‘rents stopped by Namibia and we partied it down throughout the country. We didn’t exactly take any group photos (whoops) but I took exactly three (3!) photos. What can I say, I’m lazy and my parents are photo-hos. I’m pretty sure Peace Corps doesn’t cover the brain damage I attained as a result of my father’s excellent braking abilities. We did sudden “stops” (aka reverse time warp through the space-time continuum) whenever a leaf blew, ant mound appeared and nose hair twitched.

Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park
Just chewing on a skull, whatevs.
Just chewing on a skull, what evs.

Thank god for that fence.

Who made cheese? This Boo.
Who made cheese? This Boo.

And that was pretty much my vacation. Well, the cheese happened when I got home and re-discovered my cheesecloth that moo-mah sent me. I’ve attempted tofu with it (lesson learned: processed soya milk, not the same thing as fresh) but otherwise it just sits in a kitchen drawer and gloats. Rude.

Okay, off to see the wizard and school him on How To Eat As Much Food As Possible In A 40

-Minute Lunch Break.


(and as I’m hitting send, I realize this post said very little. Deal with it, there’s pictures.)

Chillin' at the PC lounge with other volunteers.
Chillin’ at the PC lounge with other volunteers.