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Whole Wheat Pecan Waffles with Rasberry Compote

Okay, so that’s not what I’m eating right now…or what I had for dinner-lunch-breakfast-snack. It’s the picture of food that represents this coming month on a calendar my mother so cruelly sent me. Like I want to be eating brown and enriched mush (aka morvite maize powder). It’s so mean to let me stare at these pictures while waiting for the lunch hour to come.

Although I have been quite fancy lately and makin’ pizza. (I also like to say this word in my Ninja-Turtles voice). Loads of olives and pickled mango. Did you know that was a thing?! Thank you, Africa! It’s mango atchar, a blend of South African and Indian cuisine that makes me want to change my mind and have children simple to sell them for more atchar. It’s that delicious.

I’m going to attempt to make an avocado version tonight. WISH ME LUCK! Something about vinegar has grabbed hold of my recently. I made pickled radishes last night. I swear it’s an adrenal gland disease or something. I’m not sure. But it requires copious amounts of vinegar and water.

I also received several letters in the mail this week. HOLLA! I’m all about mail. I’ll even clear the hordes of plastic off my desk so I can sit down and write some replies! Dankie, en almal. Or something like that. I failed Afrikaans class. Just ask Teacher Mike. Saw that boo last week and he just shook his head and walked away after hearing my greeting.

Also got to train the new Peace Corps Namibia group (Group 37) last week. Pretty sweet bunch. Very quiet. Very. Makes me worried that they were secretly plotting my demise at the rusty end of a soup spoon. I know I was completely obnoxious after been trapped in the same room with the same 20 people for a month. In fact, my trick was to help clean up the tea-time cups and only wash at the rate of 1 cup/5 minutes.

Sneaky me, right?

Okay, I’m stumbling away to finish up some work before harassing my counterpart to try and make bamboo yarn with me. I need him to battle the wilds of Africa and get said bamboo. We’ll see how interestingly this goes!