Plarn Bags!

Plastic + Yarn = Plarn! And you know you want one of these little beauties!

Simply cut the bags into long strips. (Here’s how.) Next, crochet the heck out of your new (and semi-eco-friendly) yarn!

Alright, Easy and Awesome Plarn Bag, here we come! It’s pretty easy. Start with two crocheted granny squares. (For that, here’s how.)

Two granny squares.While finishing the last round of the second square you’ll want to throw your hook through the matching stitch on the opposite square, joining the two in unholy matrimony.





Connect EdgesNext, crochet a strap. I’m a sucker for across the shoulder straps, but keep in mind that the plarn will stretch a bit as you carry around copious amounts of books, babies and beef jerky in your new purse. I make it about 3 inches shorter than what I will eventually want. You can always get a good estimate of final length by pulling the heck out of the strap as you go. I usually do a chain between two corners and then go back and forth with a chain stitch. (I actually have no idea what to call it. But it’s super strong and looks smoother than a single crochet stitch).


Add some random tassels and you have an awesome bag!

My TB group is now making some awesome plarn bags for sale! GOOOOO M'tal Crafters!

Plarn Purse









You can even change things up and use many squares! If you use different coloured bags you can make some awesome patterns. I’ve gone bonkers over them. I was already hording plastic bags, but now I steal from other people. It’s a disease. (Also known as MCS, Manic Crafting Syndrome. MCS Anonymous meeting on Thursdays from 10h00-12h00 in the Sunnydale Marshall’s.)

 Поделка, изделие Вязание крючком: Коврик для бани Материал бросовый. Фото 1

I was inspired by this lady! Check out her stuff, it’s truly amazing! The whole site is in Russian (Ukrainian?) but is absolutely amazing. I’d recommend scrolling down and drooling over the basket. Just wait.




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